Diamond Light Chakra Healing

Diamond Light Energy are the 12 rays of source energy.
Each Ray is different color, frequency and quality of Divine Cosmic Consciousness.

Diamond Light Healing uses Archangel and Planetary Symbols, adding them into the Chakra System to include the 2 Chakra’s above the head and the 2 Chakra’s below the feet. Total of 13 Chakra’s. The 13th Chakra is the entire body.

The benefits that clients have said include:

Harmonious Balance
Heightened Intuition
Release of Physical Symptoms
Emotional Releases
Sense of Self

Diamond Light is infusing earth to awaken mankind to the higher consciousness of awareness.
Diamond Light rebuilds your DNA strands to remember who you are and to reconnect you to your Souls purpose.

To restore you, to your truth and walk in your own light.

Assists you in releasing old patterns that no longer serve you.
Brings you back to a state of wholeness and oneness with oneself and all that is in the universe.

One session; done on the table.

Diamond Light Angelic Healing, Pillars of Enlightenment.