AYT – Kosha & Element Balancing

Balancing the wireless energy of the 5 body systems. Physical Shealth, Energy of Breath Shealth, Mind Shealth (thought, feeling), Higher Mind Sheath(Wisdom) and the Bliss Shealth.

Releasing energetic build up in the deep tissue of the body bringing the energy of the body into balance along with balancing the rest of the Kosha Energetic System.

This is one session done on the table.

Protocol #1 works with the Ether Element and the 5th Chakra, opening a space for freedom of expression, stillness. “Ether is like a mixing bowl the other four elements” (Randolph Stone). Ether gives us our ability -to hear and to speak, it is Sound itself as well as the space for manifestation. When in balance, articulation can flow with precision, whether it be of our words or movements of the physical joints. Ether is also the space for the cavities of the body, this protocol energetically works with the joints of the body, physically moves the joints and facilitates opening space for the shoulder girdle, torso and pelvis. Ether is also the sattvic energy of our being, the first step down into physical energy from our spirit, (paraphrased from Randolph Stone and also to some extent the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras).

Protocol # 2 works with the Earth Element and the 1st chakra, creating a sense of security and grounding; aids at addressing fear and activating courage; connects us to the deepest layer of buried trauma/treasure and to our sense of smell. The Earth element moves through our digestive system and aids in our elimination process, mentally, emotionally and physically. (The Earth element may also contribute to the function of the Enteric Nervous system).Earth is the densest of the elements and holds the roots of our ego-identity through family of orgin and early childhood identification processes.

Protocol #3 works with the Water Element and the 2nd chakra, bringing nurturing and a natural “mother’s” energy sense to the work. Water also supports our emotional well-being; our creative and procreative energies guiding the healing energy release of emotional trauma and/or unblocking artistic abilities. Water flows through the body via the arteries, veins and lymphatic system, it also aids in building and maintaining relationships, developing a flair within our personality and, when unrestricted, can help in ‘letting go’ of difficult energies.

Protocol #4 works with the Fire Element and the 3rd chakra, drawing the healing energy of Earth up through the Water and into the Fire for transformation, eventually releasing these energies through the Heart (the Air Element). Fire is Power and Vision, when we connect with our Fire center we begin to empower ourselves and transform negative debilitating energies into expansive, radiating light and clarity of perception is ignited. Fire fosters acceptance and a level of self-forgiveness brining a new enthusiasm for life. Anger and resentment seem to fade away and no longer have power over us. This power rises through the Heart as passion and continues to rise through the throat as ‘Voice” through the eyes as clarity of vision, inner and outer and right to the Crown Chakra, Liberating our Spirit.

Protocol #5 works with the Air Element, the 4th chakra, the Heart. Air guides the innate intelligence, Pranic life force intelligence and our ego-intellect. It abides in the chest guiding the energy of the Heart and Lungs and aids our Nervous system. Air is movement itself, naturally gentle, it fosters the terms, ‘quick thinking’ and `light hearted’. It is commonly the first energy impacted by trauma. In recent trauma the energy can be released right away through movement, touch and gentle words, internal conversation or external dialog; horrific, intense or longstanding trauma is often layered through the other fields (koshas), rooting in muscle tissue, organs even bone- this trauma can be slowly, with steady secure nurturing approaches be transformed and lifted to the Heart for release. this release can turn judgmental, critical thinking into compassion and unconditional love for oneself and others.

Protocol #6 works with each of the elements, as well as facilitated asana and homework asana. This can be used as an introduction method to give an individual a felt experience of the protocols as well as used as a type of smoothing session after one has been through all the protocols, it can also serve as a type of maintenance session every few weeks, months or as an individual feels they would like.

AYT (Ammayanni Yoga Therapy)